GCR Committee 2014

The St Antony's GCR Committee is a democratically elected group of people who ensure the Graduate Common Room of the College runs smoothly and effectively. Each GCR executive or officer can be contacted by email at firstname.lastname@sant.ox.ac.uk.


    President: Emily Tamkin

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    St. Antony's! I'm Emily, an MPhil candidate in Russian and East European Studies, and your GCR President for 2014. I encourage all of you to get involved with the GCR this year, and to please not hesitate to contact me (or any other GCR committee member) with your thoughts.

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    Secretary: Jake Brockman

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    Hi there, I'm Jake and I started my MPhil in Politics (Comparative Government) here at St. Antony's in October 2013. I'm from Canada and as stereotypically say "eh" and enjoy watching hockey. I'm happy to serve as Secretary for 2014 and in this capacity will make sure everyone knows about the many events and activities going on around St. Antony's as well as the delicious food on offer in Hall.

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    Treasurer, Webmaster: Leonardo Davoudi

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    In my capacity as treasurer, I manage the GCR's funds and as webmaster, I manage the GCR's website. I am a DPhil candidate in History from Switzerland.

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    VP Welfare: Johana Vamberska

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    My name is Johana and I was born and raised in the Czech Republic. I am currently reading for an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies and I very much look forward to represent you as your VP Welfare. Having two years training in psychology and pedagogics and two years of working experience as Director of preschool has equipped me with the ability to deal with issues of various kinds, particularly those that fall within the purview of personal, health and finance. Please do not hesitate to contact me should the need arise Johana.vamberska@sant.ox.ac.uk.

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    Social Sec Dinners: Ilona de Zamaroczy

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    Hi, I'm Ilona de Zamaroczy, and along with Julia Zulver, will be in charge of organizing formal and exchange dinners for St. Antony's in 2014. Cheers!

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    Social Sec Events: Krzysztof Kokoszczynski

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    Krzysztof is the Social Secretary for Events. Although born and raised in Warszawa, Poland, he Got his BA degree on the other side of the world, from the University of Alberta, Canada. He is now Reading for Russian and East European Studies. His research interests focus on international relations between Russia and the European Union. In this term he hopes to have all the parties running smoothly, as well as start a few new, hopefully long-lasting series of events, such as the Love Week, as well as improve cooperation with the neighbouring colleges.

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    Womens Officer: Karolina Jachowicz

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    Hi there! My name is Karolina and I’m your Women’s Officer this year. I’m from Warsaw, Poland and I’m reading for MSc Latin American Studies. As Women’s Officer and part of the welfare team, I’m here to help all Female and Male Antonians with any welfare issues they may have. I’ll also make sure to organize some fun events for the girls! If you have any problems or feel like talking to someone, both guys and girls, please contact me on karolina.jachowicz@sant.ox.ac.uk

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    Environmental Officer: Julia Hoeffmann

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    Hi, I'm from Berlin and reading for an Msc in Contemporary India. Having been interested in environmental issues for a while and actively motivated my various housemates over the years to live more environmentally friendly, I'm hoping to now extend my modest activism to our college. If you have any queries regarding recycling, how to save energy or other environemntal issues, please contact me; I would be delighted to give you some info! And if you have suggestions how to make our college and its members act in more environmentally sustainable ways, please do let me know, too. I am eager to hear your ideas and attempt to translate them into reality.

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    Social Action Coordinator: Parmbir Gill

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    Greetings to all. My name is Parmbir Gill, originally from Village Saffuwala in Moga District, East Panjab, but born and raised in Toronto, Canada and now studying History at Oxford after having earned a BA at the University of Toronto in 2011. As the GCR's Social Action Coordinator, it's my responsibility to help organize events and activities which contribute to making our College a more intellectually critical, politically engaged place. So far this year, I've helped launch a weekly 'Cooperative' night at our Late Bar, as well as organize a solidarity demonstration on Cornmarket St. to oppose the abrogation of First Nations treaty rights in Canada. If you'd like to get involved with initiatives like these, or have ideas of your own you'd like to discuss and try to implement, please get in touch.

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    OUSU Representative: Arianna Tassinari

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    Hello Antonians, my name is Arianna Tassinari and I am your OUSU Representative for this year. I am responsible for representing the views of St Antony's GCR and student body to the central Students' Union and to promote OUSU's campaigns and projects within St Antony's. So if you have a specific issue or cause that you would like to raise within the wider University community, or any question about the services and campaigns that OUSU runs, please do get in touch! Alongside keeping myself busy with campaigns and meetings, I am also studying for an MSc in Comparative Social Policy, focusing on labour market and social security policies in a comparative European context. I am originally from Italy, and before coming to Oxford I studied Politics and Development Studies at SOAS, University of London. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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    Returning Officer: Paul Christian Sander

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    Hello! My name is Paul Sander and I am St. Antony's GCR Returning Officer. I am in charge of GCR Constitutional matters and the organization of the 2013 GCR Committee elections fell under my remit as well. Currently, I am reading for an Mphil in Russian and East European Studies.

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Peer Support Team

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